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Fans of domestic suspense with strong female characters and family secrets may really enjoy this one! Thanks to the publisher for my advanced copy to review in exchange for my honest review. View all 54 comments. Jul 07, Katie B rated it really liked it Shelves: arc , read-in , thriller , england , fiction , mystery.

I really enjoyed reading this book and practically raced through it. Lisa is a single mom and she seems to be overly protective of her teenage daughter. She probably is hiding a secret or two. The back cover states "You won't see it coming" and that is a lot of hype to live up to and unfortunately there are some elements of the story that are predictable. I'm left with the same feeling I had when I finished T I really enjoyed reading this book and practically raced through it. I'm left with the same feeling I had when I finished The Girl on the Train and The Woman in the Window which is my overall opinion of the books is positive but it was disappointing to figure out which direction the author was going before the end.

Now there are some aspects of this book that are surprising and that is one reason why out of those three books I enjoyed this one the most. I still recommend if you are a fan of the genre. Just a forewarning though there is some graphic and disturbing content. I received a free copy of this book from the publisher but was under no obligation to post a review.

All views expressed are my honest opinion. View all 9 comments. I have such a tremendous love for Pinborough's writing--here's hoping the streak continues with this one! View all 17 comments. Oct 21, Susanne Strong rated it liked it Shelves: buddy-read , edelweiss. She has done her best to keep it hidden but if anyone else finds out, her life could come crashing down in an instant. Each has secrets from the other. Secrets that could tear their little family apart.

That said, I enjoyed the first half of the novel more than the second half and liked the character of Ava and wished she was featured more in the second half. Having read and liked Ms. This was another buddy read with Kaceey! Published on Goodreads and Edelweiss on View all 48 comments. Oct 15, Chelsea chelseadolling reads rated it it was ok. View all 5 comments. Dec 12, JanB rated it it was ok Shelves: buddy-read-with-marialyce. A single mother to 15 year old Ava, she spends most of her waking moments worrying about her daughter.

Lisa is a bundle of nerves but she has her best friend Marilyn who helps her maintain a bit of balance in her life. Events unfold that brings these secrets to light and threatens the life Lisa has fashioned for herself and her daughter. This was a terrific set-up that kept me interested and invested throughout the first half of the book.

After a slow build-up the twists came fast and furious toward the end. There were red herrings galore and I was led down a path that proved to be wrong more than once.

56 Best Adriana Locke (Landry Family) images in | My books, Libros, Romance books

Kudos to the author for surprising me. My opinion is that with psychological thrillers less is more, and for me this was just too much and too far out of left field. Things need to make sense for me and this one didn't. I enjoy Pinborough's writing, it's her endings I struggle with. Thanks to my best reading buddy Marialyce for reading this with me. Sep 27, Linda rated it really liked it Shelves: sarah-pinborough , psychological-thriller , mystery-thrillers.

Let's talk about this one, shall we? Reading Sarah Pinborough is like delving into fine wines that should come with a warning label. It may or may not be your vintage. It may or may not swirl just right in your glass. And the bouquet may intrude upon your delicate palate. We are introduced to Lisa, a single mother of sixteen year old Ava. Although having a full-time job with some highly unusual co-workers, Lisa spends almost every breathing moment worrying about her daughter and checking Well Although having a full-time job with some highly unusual co-workers, Lisa spends almost every breathing moment worrying about her daughter and checking in on her nonstop.

Even in the beginning chapters, we as readers come to find that Lisa has some deep dark secrets that have settled in the bottom of that wine bottle. As the cork is slowly removed by Pinborough, much comes to light in the way of long held secrets by Lisa's best friend, Marilyn, and the very elusive lifestyle of her daughter.

Pinborough sets up her chapters in a revolving door manner. Chapters are entitled Lisa, Marilyn, and Ava. The storyline unfolds with each character slowly revealing nuggets of their past and present life. There are cross sections here in which Pinborough's characters speak in such a manner that the reader feels like they have entered into a room in mid sentence.

Chunks are held back until the ending chapters. If you are the impatient type, you may not want to tread water here. But there definitely is a pay-off at the end While Cross Her Heart did not cause my own heart to beat faster, it is still a good read with plenty of twists happening. Sip this one slowly and see just what you think. View all 16 comments. But again before I will get to the rest of the review when finished with this one I know that it is another that will not be for everyone with a definite need for a trigger warning for child abuse.

The biggest part of the story is told from three points of view in the present, Lisa, Ava and Marilyn. The book begins giving readers a glimpse into the life that Lisa and Ava are leading with Lisa having been at her job for ten years working alongside Marilyn all the while raising her daughter.

The characters also seemed to each hold their own distinctive personalities and stood out from one another. Throw in plenty of twists and turns along the way I did find this one quite the engaging read and would recommend it. I received an advance copy from the publisher via Edelweiss. View all 8 comments. Sep 02, Char rated it really liked it Shelves: abuse , coming-of-age , edelweiss , dark-fiction. A fast paced thriller with so many twists and turns, I can honestly say that I did not guess how it would end.

I love when that happens! There are so many reviews out already, I'm not sure what I can add to what's already been said, but here we go. Lisa loves her daughter Ava so much, but is suffocating her by being so over-protective. Now that Ava is 16, she's chomping at the bit to get on with her life and for her mom to back off. Ava is an excellent swimmer and on the swim team at school. When a young boy falls into the water at a community fair, Ava doesn't hesitate to jump in and save him, and as a result, both her and her mom's pictures are plastered all over the local papers.

This sets in motion a series of events that will change their lives forever. How do their lives change due to these pictures? You'll have to read this to find out! This is only my second Sarah Pinborough novel, but I'm happy to know there are several older books for me to catch up with. Her writing style appeals to me because of the pacing, the depth of the characters and her ability to change the direction of the story on a dime.

A dime, I say! I was rooting for Lisa and Ava to pull through. I was rooting for Lisa's best friend Marilyn too. With bad guys you can easily hate and protagonists that are easy to love, Sarah Pinborough has gained a reader for life. Highly recommended for fans of mystery, suspense and thrillers! This is it. View all 19 comments. Apr 25, Book of Secrets rated it it was ok. Unfortunately this book didn't work for me.

I found it slow and repetitive, and lacking any big surprises that made me want to keep reading.

Valerie Broussard - Cross My Heart (Audio) [LUCIFER - 3X21 - SOUNDTRACK]

The twist at the end was so far-fetched, which sometimes can be entertaining like in her previous book, Behind Her Eyes , but this time I was just shaking my head. I see lots of positive reviews for Cross Her Heart, so probably an "it's me" situation here. Borrowed from the library. Genuinely brilliant on way too many levels to mention them all. But - Characters. Emotionally stunning. Creatively insightful. Heart stopping at times and beautiful in all the right places - kind of sums it up.

Basically read this today because it was so engaging it was impossible to do anything else except devour in short order. All of which I'll say in a slightly longer but still short teaser review soon. But not one plot detail will you get from me. Lips sealed. Best served co Genuinely brilliant on way too many levels to mention them all.

Best served cold. Highly Recommended. View all 3 comments. Sep 13, Kelly and the Book Boar rated it liked it Shelves: liburrrrrry-book , read-in , book-of-the-month-selection , whodunit. When I saw Sarah Pinborough had a new selection, I immediately attempted to obtain an early copy. Then the fear set in that my expectations were waaaaaaaay too high leaving me like.

And I was right. The story here is of Lisa — overprotective single mother of a teenaged daughter named Ava. Unfortunately, unlike the whammy of a twist in Behind Her Eyes , this ending?????

Cross Her Heart

Some crazy twists are not only redonkulous, but are bad enough to lessen the reading experience as a whole. View all 12 comments. Sep 26, Dennis rated it did not like it. This is one of the worst books I've ever read in my life, and hands down the worst I've read this year. Chelsea and I picked this up for our first month's Scared Suspense Book Club choice, and we both did not enjoy it.

I felt the plot was over the top ridiculously unrealistic and unoriginal. I think this might be my last chance at redemption with Sarah Pinborough. Sorry folks! I thought I pretty much had this book all worked by the first half, but then wham bam the author very deviously pulled the rug out from under me, not once but on several occasions. Brilliantly twisted, unsettling yet compelling this is a must read for fans of psychological thrillers. Cross Her Heart is as much about the characters as it is about the plot, Lisa appears to be another over protective mother, Ava likes nothing better than spending hours on social media, and then you have Marilyn who appears to have it all, but nothing appears as it first seems the characters are complex with so many hidden issues, secrets and half truths and when Ava does a brave thing none of the characters are aware of the ramifications of one kindly deed.

Cross Her Heart turned about to be both a shocking and harrowing read, it was nigh on impossible to second guess where this book was heading. Highly, highly recommend. View all 4 comments. I sped through this book and yet I never quite felt gripped by or connected to the story. In fact, as I write this review, details are already beginning to fade from my memory I very much hope this is only because it was an unmemorable book and nothing to do with my short-term memory!

It wasn't bad, it just wasn't spectacular in any way. Let me back-pedal for a second. The reason I say this is because I thought Pinborough's previous book, "Behind Her Eyes", though mighty weird, was definitely I sped through this book and yet I never quite felt gripped by or connected to the story. The reason I say this is because I thought Pinborough's previous book, "Behind Her Eyes", though mighty weird, was definitely original and a page turner, so I may be comparing my experience reading that one with the experience of reading this one.

I did like that the story was told from different POVs, and Pinborough does this well, and the plot does move quickly. Unfortunately, I felt the ending was very rushed, given all the build-up and a bit of a cop out. I'd be very curious to hear what anyone else thought. All in all, it was a decent thriller, even if I was not hugely impressed. I would read future books by this author, because her style is very readable and the pace quick.

View all 10 comments. Very strong theme of child abuse, I just can't read this. I will never understand who could enjoy reading such upsetting horrible stuff- sorrynotsorry I wish there were ratings for books as I am really fed up about reading rape, abuse, neglect- enough is enough. Sep 04, Amy rated it really liked it Shelves: physical-arcs. I was a huge fan of Behind Her Eyes, WTF ending and all so I was prepared to be surprised again and while I definitely was with this one, it had a different appeal that I appreciated greatly.

All three women have secrets and half the fun of this story was trying to figure out exactly what each persons secret was. I admit, I was feeling pretty confident about where things were going but I was wrong. Yes, a few minor details were exactly as I expected but there were still some major shocks along the way. I loved the pacing of this, it moved along swiftly and was divided into three parts which big revelations at the end of each one that just kept urging me to continue reading.

Overall a fast and engaging read that gripped me and satisfied in the end. I do want to warn that this does contain some disturbing content that was a little shocking to me. There is nothing in the blurb that alludes to it but wanted to give a heads up that parts are hard to read. View all 6 comments. Amy Rob wrote: "awesome review Amy" Thanks Rob! Sep 05, AM. Oct 14, ABookwormWithWine rated it really liked it Shelves: ebooks , kindle-books , murder-mystery-thriller , tough-subjects , female-authors , group-discussions , from-the-publisher , edelweiss , whodunnit , adult-fiction.

It seems that her novels can be rather polarizing, and I am happy to report that I really enjoyed this one. What it's about: Lisa is living a fairly quiet life - she has a best friend named Marilyn, a teenage daughter she loves named Ava, and a great job. But when her daughter saves a boy from drowning and it ends up in the papers, it creates a whirl of activity brought on by a terrible secret from her past I thought it was predictable in some parts, but not in all, and the balance was fine for me.

Marilyn was by far my favorite character, and even though she has shit of her own going on, she ended up being a source of comic relief throughout the novel. She was a badass and a very strong female character that I loved. I think the best part is that the blurb doesn't tell you a whole lot, and I really don't recommend reading reviews before you read the novel.

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This is a great one to read and find out if you like it or not for yourself. People seem to be on both ends of the spectrum for this novel and I can see why. I thought that it did get a bit confusing with her chapter titles, but besides that I was able to keep up with the situation, and was so drawn to see what was so bad about Lisa's past. Pinborough did a great job with pacing for me, and it really kept me interested in what was going on. Cross Her Heart does start a bit slow, and Lisa may drive people crazy with her overbearing mother routine, but it does pick up and get pretty interesting.

Final Thought: This is a great novel to spur a discussion as it will not be for everyone. It moves quite quickly, and I definitely recommend checking it out as it is a very quick and engrossing read once you get into it. Abuse does become a heavy theme though, so just beware of that if it is a topic that makes you uncomfortable to read about. The author doesn't really dwell too much on it though so that is something to take into consideration as well. All in all, I really liked this novel and would recommend it to almost everyone!

Dec 12, Marialyce rated it it was ok Shelves: library , jan-mar. For Lisa, mother to a daughter Ava, it has been a struggle over the years. Lisa hides a secret, a secret that can blow the world that she has so carefully constructed apart. However, now a man has entered her life and she wonders if the time might just be right to once again trust in someone.

Encouraged by her best friend, Marilyn, Lisa makes a decision. Will life continue as it 2. Will life continue as it has or will her secret be revealed and life as she knows it end in turmoil and ruin? Unfortunately for me, this book just did not work as well as I had anticipated. It was certainly twisty and devious as we bounced around Lisa's story. However, many times it become muddled and bogged down by throwing too many elements, too many instances that made little sense, and too much repetition that dragged the book down for me.

I found myself often confused and not really knowing who or what the characters were doing. However, this book did have the elements that those who like thrillers often find. I did like the first half of the book, but the second half just did not work for me sorry to say. I am anxious to read another of this author's books and certainly will do so in the future. This was another buddy read with my best friend, Jan. We both had the same reactions to the story. Thanks Jan! Also thanks to my local library for having a copy of this book available for me to borrow.

View all 24 comments. I am one of those people who loved Sarah Pinborough's thriller 'Behind Her Eyes' and was not annoyed by its ending at all. This pre-assessment will focus on annotating, identification and analysis of a theme, and fluency. This will begin our 8th grade units' focus on complicated themes in literary works. This pre-assessment is a starting point from which to build our writing about reading work.

Frequently bought together

And finally a farewell: Dear Precious Students, Your completed memoir is the component of narrative writing in our year which is really the culminating graduation gift you have written for yourself. Your grade is a reflection of your careful analysis of your writing and building checklist.

We have arrived at the point where you know how to meet the objectives within the components of narrative, argument, and literary analysis writing.

Evaluating your memoir through an editing phase is the best way to catch grammatical mistakes. You know how to accomplish this. You have witnessed me model corrections in classes. Attending to best word choice and grammatical checks are practices in your hands. You know how to make use of an editing partner to assist in finding something you may have missed in the editing of your writing pieces. This memoir piece allowed you to embrace your expedition of self-discovery.

You were your own protagonist. You have shown strength in working through the archetype journey. I am so proud of our work together this year. You have reviewed your literacy scores and have witnessed your own growth. If you have asked to keep your memoir private, that has been respected. If you have asked for support to investigate publishing your piece, we can look at how you might do that before our days end, or at any time; I will help you with a contact source for you to investigate this summer. Your culminating piece is all about your desire to present your best. My role in this was to facilitate the process by providing you with the framework from which to build.


Cross My Heart

I am grateful to have been included as a recipient of your final middle grades narrative piece. It is a joy for me to simply read your words straight from your heart. With our team submissions, I have laughed; I have cried; I have held you in high esteem. I have witnessed a transformation that keeps me encouraged about the future of your decisions, and your ability to contribute positively to humanity.

Be mindful of seeking societal helpers. These are people who will support your dreams. You are ready to cross the bridge to meet the next life chapter. I am relishing our successes. Our growth as a team within our reading, writing, speaking, and listening learning is the direct result of commitments you have made to be your best.

You know integrity lives within you. If you continue to commit to meeting and exceeding the expectations of yourself and your future teachers, you will become your best self. Reading and writing growth was assembled into the final grades for your report cards. You will be able to see very specific literacy score growth within the final comments and grade reporting columns in PowerSchool. There is a nonfiction DRP score column in PowerSchool which shows where you have achieved; there is a growth score for fiction comprehension in the comments section of the report card.

We have shown tremendous achievement as an academic team here on ! You peer-evaluated, peer-encouraged, and self-evaluated growth. Judith Altmann. You developed personal purpose and voice through both deeply moving intentional format writing, and will close with stream-of-consciousness writing. You are leaving the halls of our school prepared to meet the next turn on the path. I wish you the very best as you venture to pursue dreams and goals. I hope I will learn of successes as you journey to your next stop and beyond along the path that is — your cherished life. You will remain a part of my heart.

Once again, thank you for sharing in the growth of our learning partnership. I truly appreciate the incredible work we have accomplished.

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Have a safe, wonderful, and restful summer! You are ready to fly! Warm regards and best wishes, Mrs. They keep an open mind and allow the data, research and facts shape their final opinion through a synthesis of information.

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Good researchers form their positions on a topic based on information found in multiple reputable sources. They keep an open mind and allow the data, research and facts shape their final opinions through a synthesis of information. Details: 1. Enjoy the remembrance time on Monday with your families. As the daughter and grand-daughter of armed forces' veterans, you inspired me to know your connections in Washington, D.

You have such gratitude for those who came before you. I am very proud to have facilitated the writing and delivery of these pieces. Final DRP of your life! You have worked so diligently this year. Intend on doing your very best! Let's show how much we know! Completion of outstanding growth for our Teachers College fiction assessments on team. Moving from opinion to claim position and elaboration proof. Students respectfully noticed reactions of veterans and current service people as anticipation to brainstorming, flashdrafting, and preparation for the Memorial Day speech.

Students will revise their thinking and writing in order to prepare for their speeches. Altmann a letter of gratitude sharing: what you can do as a student in today's world to honor being an "agent of change," or share with her that you are a student appreciating all that is your life.

You will see through her presentation that gratitude for your life here in this 21st century will be one of the realizations of our morning. She absolutely appreciates reading each and every letter. The incredible morning will be the beginning of a very memorable week for all of you. Students will be peer conferencing for draft memoir editing, revision, and publishing final copies using the memoir checklist and rubric. Congratulations my students!

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Your legacies are gifts to yourselves. I am so very proud of you! You've got this! Gear up for DC. It will be one of the most memorable weeks of your middle grades experiences - promise! Narrative writing is "I", "me", "my". First-person accounting with complicated craft moves.