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  4. Like the Mini Halfwood but with added features not found anywhere else.

Mollie Makes Magazines in English. March Mollie Makes Magazines. The designer, artist Bill Ritchie, brought the press along on a family picnic and set up his brand-new, first-ever miniature etching press and began making prints from plates he made on the spot.

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He drew a tree on a small, shiny copper plate using a sharp steel needle. People walking by on the pathway stopped and stared, and kids ventured up and asked what he was doing. I'm a printmaker, Bill said, and they watched him pull the first proof. This book, Making the Mini Halfwood, is his tes that he wrote when was making the press in his press-making workshop in Seattle.

Illustrator Saturday – Anne Belov

It started out to be a how-to book, but the process became so complicated that it was t published, after all. On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of that day in June, , it was decided to proceed despite that the reader may find that making the Mini Halfwood Press is t as easy at it may appear.

Additional Product Features Author s. Bill Ritchie lives in Seattle with his wife, Lynda. Educated in state colleges in Washington State and California in the s, he taught printmaking at the University of Washington from to A year after his last sabbatical Ritchie left the university in-venting a new printmaking teaching method for blended distance learning.

Lunch + Learn: How to Remove an Elephant from your Garden: Bees

Using video and computers, he has striven to restore the unique, personal aspects of art professors' offerings which he thought were being devalued and lost. His lifework became an asset management and legacy transfer scheme, a game-like practice that he code-named Emeralda: Games for the Gifts of Life. In Ritchie designed his first Halfwood Etching press with a inch wide bed.

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A professional steel Wright, named Tom Kughler, produced a one-fourth scale model of it, and Ritchie named this one - the subject of this guidebook, the Mini Halfwood Press. Ritchie teaches that printmaking is greater than the sum of handcraft and techniques or the manners of drawing and painting.

1st Test with the Mini-Halfwood-Press

However, other residents rebuffed the idea of sitting around on a chilly evening by a fire pit burning charcoal. The city also plans to place 16 wood and eight charcoal rings at Corona del Mar State Beach.

Like the Mini Halfwood but with added features not found anywhere else.

While the majority of the commission approves the idea, the legislative body decided to postpone formal approval until the California Department of Parks and Recreation has the chance to review conditions of approval and placement of the rings. The California Department of Parks and Recreation leases the state beach to the city.

A book by Bill Ritchie, AKA Harris Sweed

Parks staff indicated in a letter that the Coastal Commission does not have the authority to issue permits for a state-owned beach. The commission said that Coastal Commission staff would be able to sign off on the permit within 90 days without another hearing.

Newport City Manager Dave Kiff said he is confident the agencies will be able to work out their issues. The policy is a softened version of a proposal that would have banned all beach bonfires in Orange and Los Angeles counties. However, the Coastal Commission said at the time that it did not approve of the change because charcoal is more expensive than wood and might deter people from using the rings.