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Ministers promote teaching that supports the idea that some children have a problem that prevents them from learning, Solity argues.

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He is convinced Thomas's methods would work in any subject, and improve how all pupils learn. If you didn't learn in the past, it's just as likely to have been the fault of a poor teacher. If you don't learn, I'll go home and revise what I'm doing and try to teach you differently.


So what psychological principles underpin Thomas's method? Solity says: "Studying in little bits every day is really very powerful, and so is interleaved learning, where you mix the old and the new. It's the idea of teaching a small, core amount of information that's really useful and generalisable.

The problem comes when you think teaching more is better - you introduce confusion and that undermines people's capacity to learn. With Thomas's teaching, students learn comparatively little vocabulary, but do understand how a language is structured.

His approach was to learn step by step, very much as we learn English. Children using the Thomas method are taken to a point where they can retain what they've learned, apply it, and generalise it to other examples. At school, there rarely seems to be time to wait for learning to be embedded in all pupils before moving on. He just incorporated these psychological principles. Chris Husbands, professor of education at the Institute of Education, agrees with the importance of structuring learning.

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But he's sceptical about transplanting one particular teaching method into all schools. There's a long history of education innovations, which have the power to transform. But when you take it mainstream, you get a wash-out of the effect. Replicating a formula across the whole education system is difficult to sustain, because of the multiple competing goals of education, and the complexity of students and classrooms.

If 50 teachers were trained in the Michel Thomas method, you would see a return, but the point at which you get up to , teachers, you would see a wash-out effect. Critics suggest that the Thomas's method worked purely because of his personality. Hart hopes the book will prove them wrong.

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It was fascinating to watch. The online, all-audio method makes it easy and convenient to fit it into your daily routine. So stop procrastinating and start learning a new language today — download our audio courses to our app to learn offline or stream them directly from our website. Learn a new language in hours, not years.

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Solity claims the method "has huge implications for teaching anybody anything". Thomas died of cardiac failure at his home in New York City on January 8, , aged From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Not to be confused with Michael Thomas linguist. New York McGraw-Hill. Retrieved March 16, January 13, Retrieved March 16, — via www. Thomas v. Los Angeles Times, February 4, Biography portal. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikiquote.

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