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Answered March 12, Asked May 24, Asked August 15, It was great, fair and positive. It's not the interview that's the problem. It's the management over the department stores who are not in the front has the negative impact on the best worker. This is why the turn over are so bad. Poor attitudes, control issues, power struggles and taking the wrong methods to solve problems.

Answered August 15, It was an honor and privilege because Elvis Presley is the king of rock and roll and a legend. Answered August 13, Upload your resume Sign in. Find Companies.

Elvis Presley's Graceland. Ask a question. Submit Question. Your question will be posted publicly. Please don't submit any personal information. Elvis arrived all dressed up with lots of guns and badges with him. After a church reception there was a second reception at Graceland. Elvis Presley : Tupelo : December 29, December 29, : A day after Elvis was best man at Sonny West's wedding he drives to Tupelo to collect yet another badge, this one from Tupelo sheriff Bill Mitchell , whom Elvis has known from the time Mitchell played fiddle in the band led by Mississippi Slim on radio station WELO when Elvis was a child.

This was such a brief visit not even the media got in on the photo taking, making these two photos very special. December 30 , Elvis returns to Washington with eight friends, including ex-sheriff Bill Morris, for a visit to the headquarters of the National Sheriffs Association, where Elvis takes out memberships for everyone so that they will all be eligible for automatic life insurance policies.

Morris has also promised to arrange for an appointment with J.

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Elvis Presley: Broken Heart for Sale – Rolling Stone

Edgar Hoover, but once again this falls through, though the group does visit FBI headquarters the following day fora special tour. December 31, : Starting the day still in Washington after his famous visit with President Richard Nixon , Elvis expresses his admiration for J. Edgar Hoover to the FBI agent conducting the tour, remarking 'in private comments' after the tour, as recorded in the agent's memo, 'that he, Presley, is the 'living proof that America is the land of opportunity' since he rose from truck driver to prominent entertainer almost overnight'.

Elvis offers to serve in an undercover capacity m any way he can. On the agent's recommendation Director Hoover sends Elvis a note on January 4, indicating that 'your generous comments concerning the Bureau and me are appreciated, and you may be sure we wil keep in mind your offer to be of assistance'. Elvis attends a day of functions culminating in an evening awards banquet.

He is nervous about his acceptance speech. He is touched, excited and deeply proud. This national honor has been given each year since the late 's and recognizes young men who have made great achievements in their field of endeavor, illustrating the opportunities available in the free enterprise system. It also applauds humanitarianism and community service.

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Scientists, inventors, performers, film makers, politicians bound for the Presidency, and men of greatness in all fields, have been selected for this award over the years. For Elvis, a man who grew up poor, and, in his early career knew the sting of ridicule from the Establishment, who, through the years has known criticism of his work, this is one of his proudest moments. It is a sign that he has achieved acceptance, recognition, and respect for his work and for the kind of person he is.

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  7. Above - In January Elvis was awarded as one of the ten most outstanding young men of America by the 'Jaycees'. Over the years in various printed articles and heard on record releases you could read or listen to Elvis' acceptance speech but Elvis in L. January , : Trousdale Estates. Overall it is a short and satisfying show, with a few songs introduced live for the first time. Miracle Of The Rosary V. APA4 February 25, : Larry Gatlin, The Imperials.

    Questions and Answers about Elvis Presley's Graceland

    When Elvis purchased Graceland in , Highway 51 South and the area known as Whitehaven were 'out in the country'. By the s, shopping centers, housing developments and apartment complexes had sprung up in the area. The actual street address of Graceland is Elvis Presley Boulevard.

    On Tour November 05 Nov 8. Ticket for Nov 8, 8. Following their departure, Elvis announces to everyone that Priscilla is leaving him. December 31 , Elvis hosts a small New Years Eve party at Graceland, not at the local club as he has in the past. An American Trilogy CD. More Elvis Stereo Concerts. Read about these sessions - Standing Room Only. BPA3 March 22 , after a good deal of effort, Felton Jarvis persuades Elvis to try the rocker -- Burning Love -- that he has gotten from his friend, Nashville publisher Bob Beckham. Elvis on Tour , In April MGM films Elvis in a Hollywood recording studio, then films on and off stage during his city concert tour, which is a big success.

    It was the thirty-third and final motion picture to star Elvis Presley, whose film career began in A follow-up to the release Elvis : That's the Way It Is , another musical-documentary, this film followed Presley as he embarked on a city tour of the United States in April The working title of the film was Standing Room Only and a soundtrack album was planned with this title, but never released.

    Elvis on Tour is the only Elvis Presley film from which no actual soundtrack recordings were released concurrent with the film's release although Presley did have hits with studio recordings of songs such as 'Burning Love' and 'Separate Ways' which are also featured in the film. Goode over the credits.

    "My Fast Life"

    Elvis is filmed arriving at the auditoriums, waiting nervously backstage and then appearing on stage to rapturous welcomes. The multiple image effect is used to great effect throughout the whole film. Part of several concerts are shown, interspersed with rare footage of the first Ed Sullivan Show, Army induction, Elvis in his gold suit and other clips and stills. Elvis is seen recording 'Separate Ways' in the studio as well as being driven to and from concerts, running the gauntlet of his fans as he enters and exits hotels and concert halls.

    In between shots of Elvis singing and kissing his fans, many kissing scenes from previous MGM movies are edited in and this makes for a very entertaining segment. A lot of action is packed into the film with nostalgia and good music. Like the Elvis shows themselves it had to finish and the end of the film shows Elvis running offstage after 'Can't Help Falling In Love' and into a waiting Limousine which carries him away. As the closing credits roll Memories is the perfect background music to the traveling and back stage scenes being shown.

    As the film fades there's a reprise of the shot of Elvis in the car smiling at some distant memory. On Tour is a marvelous film capturing Elvis doing what he did best, singing for his fans. Over and over again in Southern imagery comes the figure of a man sitting on his front porch with his guitar pickin' and singin' while the crops go to ruin. Above - Elvis talks about his early career, hand picking Bill Black, and D. Fontana Scotty was already there - Moving on to '69 Elvis again talks about hand picking his band for Las Vegas in ' Elvis talks of asking who are the best guitar players around and Glen Campbell and James Burton were suggested.

    Elvis then discusses his Jaycees speech and how nervous he was and when he first decided he wanted to be a singer.


    He thinks From memory he one 5th place in a talent contest. Elvis reveals his disappointment with his movie career and that he he had no self satisfaction 'inside'. Elvis thought they would develop something better for him. Above - Elvis talks about making his first record for his mother. His first time he appeared on stage it was a charity 'thing', talks about the reaction to his movements on stage. Of Dayton Arena, Dayton, Oh. Barton Coliseum, Arkansas, Ar 18 Apr 8. Elvis Presley at a Gospel Convention, Elvis makes entertainment history by performing four sold-out shows at New York's Madison Square Garden.

    Elvis tours to seven more cities. Elvis' Vegas and concert tour career is hot, hot, hot during the early to mid-seventies. He breaks attendance records in cities all over America. In fact, the lineup of songs on the two albums is nearly identical: the performances vary only slightly but An Afternoon In The Garden is the recommended purchase particually with Reconsider Baby and I'll Remember You.

    Mary was killed in an auto accident on 18 July 72 at the age of July 6 , Elvis and Priscilla's separation is formalized. A divorce is to come. He sees her again the following night and is captivated by her beauty and sense of humour, but is prevented for the time being from following up when she goes off on a three week family vacation.

    Read about Elvis meeting Linda Thompson. Elvis and Linda Thompson. July 8 , Colonel Parker announces that there will be a worldwide satellite broadcast of an Elvis concert from Hawaii in October or November. Together they fly back to Las Vegas where Linda stays for most of the engagement.

    Summer Festival CD 12 Aug 8. Plus some bonus tracks. This is for me a REAL pleasure to get a soundboard release from this summer in Las Vegas with enough 'bonus songs' to fill the running time to nearly 74 minutes AND represent Elvis' repertoire during this season. The representation here varies from the good to very good category, with several songs pretty excellent. Therefore even before I listen to the CD, I expected to be in for a treat Las Vegas : September 4, September 4 , Elvis participates in a press conference in Vegas announcing plans for a television concert to be broadcast via satellite around the world from Hawaii on January It is predicted that the show will reach the largest audience in television history and that the live album will be a big hit.

    Elvis Presley Rare Aloha interview : September 4, October , Elvis has a number two pop hit with the single Burning Love , one of his biggest records in recent years. November , Elvis on Tour opens to good reviews and good box office performance in theaters. On Tour November November 8 , Elvis flys to Lubbock, Texas to begin an eight day tour, his third for the year.

    One of the following two concerts was originally planned as the worldwide satellite broadcast. Arena, Honolulu, Hawaii 18 Nov 2. Arena, Honolulu, Hawaii 18 Nov 8. Arena, Honolulu, Hawaii. The King Elvis holds a press conference at the Hawaiian Village Hotel to announce the satellite broadcast once again. Next Elvis Presley Elvis' middle name, is it Aron or Aaron?

    Elvis Presley s Albums on CD.